Indio At A Glance



City Hall
100 Civic Center Mall
Indio, CA 92202
(760) 342-6500

Chamber of Commerce
82921 Indio Blvd.
(760) 347-0676

Population: 66,118

Median Age: 29.9

Family Households: 76%


The City of Indio, known as Indian Wells until 1877, was incorporated May 16,1930. Indio is the geographic mid-point of both Riverside County and the Coachella Valley of Southern California. It is the largest of nine cities located in the Coachella Valley. The city’s natural beauty is enhanced by the San Bernardino, Santa Rosa and Chocolate Mountains, as well as the easy availability of Joshua Tree National Park, an all season destination for both locals and visitors. It is also about 2 hours away from Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.


Indio has the distinction of being known as the City of Festivals. It hosts eight major festivals during the year and a number of smaller events that bring music, entertainment, sports, culture, and a fabulous array of cuisine to residents and visitors to Indio. Over 750,000 visitors annually come to Indio to enjoy the gaiety. Among the nationally known events are the Indio International Tamale Festival. The Guinness Book of World Records designates Indio's as the world's largest Tamale Festival. Also, the Indio Desert Circuit Horse Show, The Coachella Music and Arts Festival (a European-style music festival), the Southwest Arts Festival®, two Indian Pow Wows, a Fourth of July Festival, and a Salsa Festival that continually attracts a large number of  revelers. There are also numerous concerts, a regional dog show, a national girls' field hockey tournament and more. Indio has the distinction of being the Date Capital of the United States. At one time 95% of all dates were produced in Indio.


If polo and horses are your passion, you have come to the right spot. Indio is known as the Polo Capital of the West. It is home to two polo fields: The Empire Polo Club - which hosts the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - and the Eldorado Polo Club. Both hosts world-class polo matches.


The City of Indio is one the most rapidly changing communities in the Coachella Valley. It has grown by 17,002 residents (or 35%) between 2000 - 2006. City officials predict the population will grow to anywhere between 100,000 and 150,000 over the next five years. In Indio you will find a mix of old and new residential sub-divisions from which  you can select the home that best accommodates your lifestyle.



Phone: Verizon (800) 483-4000

Electricity: Imperial Irrigation District (760) 482-9600

Gas: Southern California Gas Company (800) 427-2200

Water: Indio Water Authority (760) 342-6550

Sanitation: Waste Management of the Desert (760) 340-2113

Cable: Time Warner Cable (760) 340-2225



Public K-12 education in Indio is served by two public school districts. The Desert Sands Unified School District serves almost the entire city. The Coachella Valley Unified School District also has a small presence in Indio. There are two charter schools (the Indio Charter School and Rosalyn Charter School).


Desert Sands Unified School District

Indio has 11 elementary schools, 4 middle schools and 2 high schools with continiued building in progress. There is also a robust adult education program. Desert Sands Unified School District is one of the largest employers in the valley. Listed below is contact information for the schools.


Desert Sands Unified School District
47-950 Dune
Palms Road
Quinta, CA-760-777-4200


K-5 Schools   

6-8 Schools   

9-12 Schools

Amelia Earhart (International Studies)
45-250 Dune
Palms Road
Indio, CA 92201
• (760) 863-1544

John Glenn (International Studies)
79-655 Miles Avenue
Indio, CA
92201 • (760) 200-3700

Amistad Continuation High School
44-800 Golf Center Parkway
, CA  92201
• (760) 775-3570

Dr. Carreon Academy
47-368 Monroe Street
Indio, CA  92201• (760) 775-3810

Indio Middle School
81-195 Miles Avenue

Indio, CA 92201• (760) 775-3800

Indio High School
81-750 Avenue
Indio, CA 92201• (760) 775-3550

Dwight D. Eisenhower
391 Dillon Avenue
Indio, CA 92201 • (760) 775-3810

Thomas Jefferson Middle
83-089 Highway 111
Indio, CA 92201• (760) 863-3660

Charter School
Eagles Peak Charter School

700 Palm Street
Indio, CA  • (760) 775-8810

Herbert Hoover Elementary
44-300 Monroe Street
Indio, CA 92201• (760) 775-3820

Woodrow Wilson Middle
83-501 Dillon Avenue

Indio, CA 92201 • (760) 775-3880


Andrew Jackson Elementary
850 Kenner Street
Indio, CA 92201• (760) 775-3830






John F. Kennedy Elementary
100 Clinton Street
Indio, CA 92201 • (760) 775-3840



James Madison Elementary
80-845 Avenue 46
Indio, CA 92201 • (760) 775-3850



Coachella Valley Unified School District
 977225 Church
 Thermal, CA 92275
 (760) 399-5137



Post Office:
45805 Fargo St.
(800) 275-8777, (760) 347-2092

Fire: (951) 940-6900

Police: (760) 347-8522

200 Civic Center Mall
(760) 347-2383


John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital
47111 Monroe St, Indio
(760) 347-6191

Eisenhower Medical Center
39000 Bob Hope Dr, Rancho Mirage
(760) 340-3911


Indian Palms Country Club Resort
48630 Monroe Street
Indio, CA 
(760) 775-4444
Indian Springs Golf & Country Club Par 3
79940 Westward Ho Dr.
Indio, CA 92253

Indio Municipal Golf Club
83040 Avenue 42
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 347-9156

Landmark Golf Club - North Course
84000 Landmark Parkway
Indio, CA 92260
(760) 775-2000
Landmark Golf Club -South Course
84000 Landmark Parkway
Indio, CA 92260
(760) 775-2000

Heritage Palms Golf Course
80055 Fred Waring Dr.
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 772-7334
Outdoor Resorts Indio
80394 Avenue 48
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 775-7255
Plantation Golf Club, The
50944 Monroe Blvd.
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 775-3688
President's Club at Indian Palms - Indian/Mountain Course
48630 Monroe Blvd.
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 347-2326
President's Club at Indian Palms - Indian/Royal Course
48630 Monroe Blvd.
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 347-2326
President's Club at Indian Palms - Mountain/Royal Course
48630 Monroe Blvd.
Indio, CA 92201
(760) 347-2326



Indio is known as The City of Festivals. The festivals provide entertainment to the local population and attract visitors to our valley. Festival attendance is in excess of a half-million visitors annually.


Indio Desert Circuit-Horse Shows Indio

"Polo Capital of the West"


Every Sunday



The Pacific Coast Polo Center, the world's largest club, is actually a combination of The Empire Polo Club and the Eldorado Polo Club. The club boasts 12 tournament polo fields capable of stabling more than 1,000 horses. Here you will see professional and amateur polo players. The public is invited to enjoy polo matches every Sunday of the season. The facilities host other functions such as music concerts, the Southwest Arts Festival and private functions.


Palm Springs Kennel Club Dog Show


Second largest conformation show in the country. This four-day event is held on the grounds of the Empire Polo Club.


The Southwest Arts Festival®



Empire Polo Forum


This judged and juried North American art show event is sponsored and managed by the Indio Chamber of Commerce. In September 2003  the festival was recognized by Sunshine Artist magazine, well respected in the world of art. Come to the festival and you will hear music played on the Native American flute, the strains of guitar music and gaiety filling the air.


Eldorado Polo Club
January, Weekend

This star-studded weekend features celebrities on the polo field and about the greens. Admission is free with a donation to our Service men and women's families.


Indio International Tamale Festival
Old Town Indio

USA Today recognized this festival as one of the top 10 Regional Festivals in the nation. Other recognition has appeared in such magazines as Bon Appétit, Saveur, Sunset, and Readers. The New York Times, Huell Howser show, A&E and the Food Channel have also given it rave revues. Are you hungry? better be if you come to the festival! It is reported 300,000 tamales are now sold at the two-day food event. At its inception the festival was a half-day event with attendance of 2,500. Today, somewhere about 175,000 folks attend annually. You will enjoy the entertainment found on several stages. There are pony rides and petting zoo for the kids.


Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival

This festival, premiering in 1942, was original called a fiesta instead of a festival. It is one of the oldest found in the West and spans a full 10 days. The original purpose was to celebrate another successful date crop. It soon took on a life of its own. Visitors thrill to the annual parade held on Presidents' Day. It has been reported that more than 270,000 people attend-get there early!


Indio Powwows
Thanksgiving Weekend

The Powwows in  Indio are sponsored by the Cabazon Band of Mission Indians' Reservation. The wonderful experiences here help to preserve the Indian culture and introduce non-members to the culture. Native American arts and crafts, jewelry, and leather items can be enjoyed while you are among dancers and singers that join the event from U.S., Mexico and Canada. Be sure not to miss this one!


760-347-8522, x 225

It is wonderful to meet your neighbors and new friends at this event while enjoying games and activities for the entire family.


Salsa Festival

Put on your dancing shoes and dance to the music. Enjoy the salsa tasting and contagious fun.


Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival 

Rolling Stone magazine has declared this as “the best American rock festival” and NME of England even more strongly said “probably the best festival in the world!” More than 55,000 people have attended this two-day alternative rock, European-style event anually. Once there fans can enjoy short films, music and art. Why don’t you join them?


Fourth of July Festival

Come and celebrate America's Birthday with fireworks, food and good old-fashion fun for the entrie family on The Fourth of July!


Family Motor Coach Association Western Area Rally


Eldorado Polo Club
"Polo Capital of the West”
 Winter-Every Sunday

The is purported to be the world’s largest polo club. It is actually a combination of The Empire Polo Club and Eldorado Polo club. The club boasts 12 tournament polo fields capable of stabling more that 1,000 horses. Here you will see professional and amateur polo players. The public is invited to enjoy polo matches every Sunday. The facilities host other functions such as music concerts, Southwest Arts Festival®, and private functions.


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