FREE CRUISE (buyers, sellers, referals)


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How could the best Realtors get better? They can't! So what Judy and Nelson Horn did was to make the close of escrow a special treat for their buyers and sellers, a complimentary cruise for two. Yes, the Horn's love those folks that refer them to buyers and sellers so they will also award them with with the same complimentary cruise.
Here how this works:
HORN BUYERS & HORN SELLERS & REFERRALS will be awarded a complimentary cruise for two certificate at the close of escrow. The Horns have made arrangements with a company to handle all of the details and planning necessary to take your vacation. At the time of this writing four cruise lines are being used: Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Princess and Norwegian. More than one destination from several ports is covered by the certificate, however, a multitude of cruise destinations may be purchased by the certificate holder as an upgrade.
If you are referring a buyer or seller to us please call us and give us their contact information. If they become our clients and a sale results both you and your folks will participate in the offer.
Obviously, there are some conditions and terms that apply. All of which will will be explained when we meet. Call: 760-285-5097.

Buyer Seller or Referral